Fighting fraud has never been easier

Effectively mitigate fraud without writing a single line of code.
Unlock the best tools to prevent fraud and protect your business.

Experience the key benefits


Keep up with emerging fraud trends

Our ML models enable businesses to keep up with the latest fraud trends as they happen


Gain deep insights

Fight fraud with targeted tools which empower fraud fighters


A single integration

Streamline fraud and compliance tools into one single integration

Keep up with emerging fraud trends using cutting-edge tools


Make instant decisions on shared insights


Automate compliance reporting

KYC and User checks

Automated user screening using configurable signals

Network detection

Dismantle fraud syndicates


Deep dive into how Orca works

Dive into Africa’s first fraud orchestration platform

Unlock fraud insights instantly

Get integrated and fighting fraud in a matter of hours.

Fight fraud together with our AI Co-pilot

We make it easier than ever to understand WHY a user has been flagged. Ask it to do things like “Generate the demographic for investment scams in the past 3 months”, “Which users could be linked as a fraud network?” or “What are our fraud rates in Portugal?”.

Smart Reviews

Review queues are prioritised by AI to empower fraud fighters to focus on the fight against fraud

All-in-one platform


Combine any combination of our tools



A single integration with our API unlocks a range of tools

Saas Frame

Use Case

Explore many use cases where more friction can be added or reduced, depending on the trust level

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There is a need to build effective, modular tools to fight fraud in emerging markets
Thalia Pillay
July 27, 2023
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We raised a pre-seed round to allow us to find real problems to solve and solve them effectively
Thalia Pillay
July 27, 2023
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There's no such thing as a silly question

What is Orca Fraud
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Orca Fraud is a FraudTech company which protects emerging markets from fraud. Their areas of focus include creating fraud an compliance tools which streamline operations for banks and fintechs.

Where is Orca Fraud based
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Orca HQ is in Cape Town, South Africa. Our core market is South Africa with a view to solve similar fraud trends in other emerging markets.

What are the benefits of using Orca Fraud
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Orca empower fraud fighters with the tools they need to effectively fight fraud. Our clients experience reduced fraud losses and a decrease in false positives.

Which fraud types does Orca Fraud solve
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Account takeovers, investment scams, SIM swap fraud and money muling are some of the types of fraud that Orca has built solutions for.

How long does integration take
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Integration was a common pain point in the industry, with typical integrations taking 3 months and a high reliance on Engineering teams during the integration process. Our clients can be up and fighting fraud in a matter of hours and require minimal engineering effort.

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