About Us

Orca leverages its deep knowledge in fraud prevention and payment technology to develop pioneering solutions that safeguard both conventional and decentralised financial systems – all through one central AI-driven fraud orchestration platform.In this day and age, it’s essential to evolve as quickly as new fraud patterns emerge, and our AI solution allows automatic identification of new trends and networks as they arise.

Fraud in the South African context is gaining traction, majority of fraud occurring through digital services is both detectable and preventable. At Orca we believe that the responsibility for protecting user’s funds lies with each institution involved in a transaction, and that working together to prevent malicious activity is the solution.

Our story

Let's dive into the journey of how it all started...

2015 • January

First meeting of the minds

Thalia and Carla first meet whilst studying engineering at UCT

2022 • March

Second meeting of the minds

Spend time growing a local fintech together

2024 • January

Orca is born

Dive headfirst into solving fraud for emerging markets through Orca

2024 • March

Securing Pre-Seed Funding

Funded by Norrsken22, First Circle Capital and others

2024 • May

General Availability

They launch their first user-facing product for fraud teams

Orca's vision

Protect emerging markets from fraud.

Orca can



There are no limits to what we can build. Our solutions push the borders of what can be achieved in terms of fraud prevention



We value quality in our work, in our execution and in the way we engage with those around us. Everything we do, must be something we are proud of.



We have a responsibility to protect the financially vulnerable and to make a positive impact on the world around us